5 best ways to double your money

Investment of right option is important especially when you are looking to earn maximum returns. Investing in right market and earning profit is always a complex task because there is a lot of research required to do before investment.

However, fund manager and financial advisors has made this task easy as they provide professional recommendation to beginners that where to invest money.

There are various investment options which cannot only offer you higher return, but there are fair chances that you may be able to double your money after investment.

Although, every investment option or instrument serve particular purpose in a selected period of time and every instrument has different levels of risk factor.

In this article, we help you find out top 5 options which will enable you to earn a high amount of return, or even you may end up doubling your money.

Equity market

Equity market is always top pick for investors when it comes to investment, However there is a lot of miss information present among peoples about equity or share market.

Many investors think it is difficult to earn in share market and share market investments have high risk, well, that is not completely true.

With financial experts guidance or once you have sufficient experience about equity market than you can easily earn from share market.

However, for beginners it is important to invest under after expert’s guidance. Can share market double your investment?

Well, the simple answer is yes, there are many news and events when shares of particular companies gain momentum and possibly can double your money.

You need to keep close eyes on share market updates and events so that you can capitalize the opportunity. In equity market, companies are classified into 3 categories large, mid and small caps, investors can invest in any cap, however for beginners it is strictly recommended investing in large cap stock which are less volatile, and they are generally less risky.

Mutual funds

Mutual fund is traditional and very popular platform to invest money. Mutual funds are considered to be one of the safest ways to invest your money especially debt funds.

There are thousands of mutual fund plans, investors are free to choose any plan as per his/her investment goals.

Mutual funds are further categorized in 3 types, debt, equity and hybrid funds. Debt funds are the safest option to invest as it carry very minimum risk of loss and can provide good returns.

While equity and hybrid funds carry low to moderate amount of risk which usually depends on the plan, equity and hybrid funds have capability to double your money within short or medium term, although investments in these funds should be done only after detailed analysis.

Equity and hybrid funds are ideal option for those who can tolerate risk and debt funds are ideal for conservative investors.

Real estate

Real estate is known as the best option to invest your money, however investing in real estate require a large sum of investment.

Investment in real estate rarely goes into loss and the majority of the time your profit grow bigger. Investment in real estate is always a profitable investment whether you buy a house to live in or you buy land its price only grow up over the period of time.

Location of the land and house matters a lot which is the deciding factors how much profit you will earn.

Can real estate investment double your money? In most cases, yes it can, but it’s a long-time investment, it usually takes 5-10 years or even more in real estate to double the value of your money.


If you are looking to invest your money for a long-term period to earn safe profit than gold can be one of the best options for you.

It is one of the traditional option to invest your money and gold has high liquidity which simply means if you need money for any purpose than you can sell your gold almost instantly.

Many banks and financial firms offers a gold loan in less than 24 hours and even if you wish you can sell your gold investment anywhere. Gold prices are always rising over the period of time, you just have to keep close eye on gold price so that you can buy at low price and can sell at higher prices to make good returns.

Gold can be bought as jewelry, however buying gold in physical form has its advantages and disadvantages. Investment in gold can also be done via electronic medium such as buying e-gold, stock exchanges also offer gold as underlying asset where you can invest in gold.

Bank fixed deposit

Bank fixed deposit investments are comparatively safer than other forms of investment, fixed deposits are ideal investments for investors with low-risk tolerance.

Fixed deposits can offer good returns, fixed deposit investments are subjected to tax and tax charge of fixed deposit depends on one’s income slab. Can FD investment double one’s money? In short term NO but in long term they can.


Every form of investment carry some amount of risk, however some type of investments carries low-risk comparatively.

Investors should carefully pick their option after doing detailed analysis.

The most important factors in all investments are the duration of investment, risk factors, and the percentage of return, so you must keep these 3 factors in mind before doing any investment.

Team R Wealth

Team R Wealth

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