How Mutual Funds make Money?

How Mutual Fund make Money?

Once we’ve got those bucks in our possession, we innately begin to brood over secure ways to invest our hard- earned money. The concept of Mutual Fund is being spotlighted contemporarily.

It is increasingly becoming the new trend of making money. However, still an air of scepticism, either due to ignorance or lack of awareness still lingers around the matter.

When it comes to investing in mutual funds people generally have misconceptions about the security aspect of their investment.

Any investment is conducted with the primary objective of getting higher returns and gains.

What is mutual funds?

There are ample ways in which people usually commit their money such as purchasing gold or other assets, lending loans or real estate business.

Mutual funds in the same way are a channel which invest the pooled funds of the investors in securities like equities, bonds, stocks or other money market instruments.

The investments are done by an Asset Management company under the supervision and monitoring of Fund Manager.

The fund manager is an expert who analyses about the financial market and advises on the best place to capitalize our funds.

All this is done in such a way that yields are maximized while risks are lessened.

The profit thus earned by AMC is then allotted proportionately among its investors post deducting certain expenses.

Thus, mutual fund enterprises make money by procuring their commission, by selling their funds and by charging some fees that vary accordingly.

While considering the conventional options like fixed deposits or post- office schemes, they do not emerge as a quite reassuring alternative.

This is apparent from their past years records of the return rates. On the other hand, to venture into the stock market directly is risky and necessitates advance knowledge and perception of money market hassles.

However, mutual funds are flexible, comprehensible and pose slighter risks to the investment. Performance of Mutual Funds depends and is directly impacted by ebbs and flows of market.

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What are The Types of Mutual Funds & How it makes money?

There are basically three types of Mutual Funds for different people with their distinct requirements:


The funds are invested in share of various companies. Equity funds can be large cap, mid-cap or small cap based on the size of companies in which the funds are expended.

Long-term investments are preferred to generate higher incomes and gains.


These are loans taken by the company or government wherein the money is arranged by the investors who then claim their bonds.

The shareholders are paid fixed income or interest in the company semi- annually while the principal amount is remitted during maturity. Bonds are the most common form of fixed income funds and are relatively protected and apt for income generation.


Hybrid funds endow us with the liberty of opting combo of equity and debt funds modelled to appeal to the objectives of the investors. These are regarded as one of the best investing choices. Hybrid funds assure reduced risk and ideal returns.

What are the benefits of investing in mutual funds?

Mutual funds have become popular and most preferred investment course to add on profits to our capitals.

Everything comes with its favors and limitations, so do mutual funds.

  • The Biggest advantage guaranteed in this mode funding is the ability to redeem your shares at any instant.
  • Mutual funds come as an affordable investing space as one can put in even meek amounts.
  • Diversification decimates the risk of losing the money invested if any sector crashes.
  • No prior knowledge needed to manage your portion. They are constantly kept in check by the experts and professionals.

However, mutual funds even on being administered by fund managers, do not guarantee that the investment will not be lost. Another loophole would be unnecessarily high fees and sales charges, taxation inefficiency that could possibly recede your steps from investing.

Bottom Line

Mutual funds are a new way of contriving more money using money. Hiking responses favouring mutual fund beckons us to acquaint ourselves to it. Knowledge is the key to action.

They provide pliability and the fund managers who are readily eying rises, falls and fluctuations in the market value.

Furthermore, in fixed deposits and saving accounts where value of our money lowers as the inflation increases.

While mutual funds investment on a long-term basis grades up the value our money which is highly subject to  money market conditions.

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