Top 10 Large Cap Stocks To Buy In 2021

Top 10 Large Cap Stocks To Buy In 2021

When it comes to the investment we expect the best possible return along with the safety of our investments.  The stock market is known as one of the most convenient platforms of investment where investors can invest their assets and can earn a large amount of return in comparison against fixed deposit or regular bank account savings.

Share market is dynamic which allows investors to earn bigger returns since share market is volatile which do have risks of loss but if you invest after detailed research or after expert’s recommendation than you can decent profits.

Large-cap stocks are the most promising stocks which can offer you a good amount of returns at the lowest risks.

What are Large cap stocks?

 Large cap stocks refer to stocks of those companies or firms which has a large market capitalization. Large-cap companies are well established and their stocks are the most traded stocks in the share market.

Most of the large-cap companies have net worth of more than above 20,000 crores INR, In India Nifty 50 are hosts the top 50 large-cap companies.

These companies have a huge reputation in the market and these companies slowly grow over the period of time because of their high-quality products and services. Large-cap companies are the top pick for foreign and domestic institutional investors for safe and high returns.

Why you should invest in Large cap stocks?

Low risk -Large cap companies have a robust track record of financial structure and timely growth over the period of time.

Large-cap stocks are relatively less volatile as compare to mid and small-cap stocks because of that large-cap offers safe and stable returns on your investments.

Information availability – Large-cap companies in India are bound to provide information about their financial details, assets and balance sheet so these stats can help investors to analyze the performance of stocks and also help to estimate potential returns.

While information regarding mid and small-cap stocks is available in a limited manner.

High volume –  Large-cap stocks usually have high trade volume because large scale investors and institutional investors invest in these stocks, which make your investment more liquid.

You can buy or sell stocks of large-cap industries easily because of their high volume while in small-cap stocks sometimes it is very difficult to sell your stocks because of the low trading volume.

Top 10 large cap stocks to invest in 2021

MRF – Large Cap Stocks

Madras rubber factory (MRF) is India’s largest tyre manufacturing company and it was founded in 1946. MRF is ranked amongst the top 20 tyre manufacturers in the world and the company manufacture all types of tyres range such as two-wheeler, four-wheeler and even aircraft tyres.

MRF has manufacturing plants all over India.

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Tyre 37,378 31,70.65 10 3.06

 Shree cement

Shree cement limited is one of the top cement producers in India and their operations are north and northeast states of India. Shree cement is an environment-friendly cement producing company.

Shree cement has three brands under their portfolio Shree ultra Jung rodham cement, banger cement and rock strong cement.

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Cement 88,555 471.76 10 6.69

Hero Motocorp 

Hero motocorp is the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing company by volume and company produce world-class two-wheeler motorbikes in India.

The company has four large scale manufacturing plants in different states of India such as Gurgoan in Haryana, Haridwar in Uttarakhand, Neemrana in Rajasthan and Dharhuera.

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Automobile 66,735 126.35 2 4.59

 ICICI bank – Large Cap Stocks

ICICI bank is India’s largest private sector bank and the bank has operational branches across all Indian states. ICICI Bank was established in the year 1955 with the aim to create a robust financial system in India and the bank provide various types of loans range from personal, business, vehicle to education loans.

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Banking 416,902 20.16 2 2.94

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Honeywell automation

Honeywell Automation India Ltd leader in providing electronic instruments and process control equipment industry. Company main products are smart transmitters, building control systems and distributed control systems.

Honeywell automation is one of the best company in its sector and shown promising growth over a period of time.

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Telecommunications – Equipments 36,135 552.55 10 11.76


Bharat petroleum corporation limited (BPCL) is a leading petroleum company in Indian and it operates the petroleum industry which includes refining and distribution of petroleum.

BPCL is listed in large-cap companies because it has massive business and consumer base in India.

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Refineries 87,660 19.49 10 2.27

Bajaj Finserv Ltd. – Large Cap Stocks

Bajaj finserv limited (BFS) company belongs to finance sectors and company had a large business based in India. Company servers millions of customers by providing them financial services to acquire assets and company also offer various type of insurances.

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Finance – Investment 148, 873 231.61 5 2.93

Abbott India ltd

Abbott India is one of the largest MNC in India and the company belongs to the pharmaceutical sector. It is a subsidiary of US-based Abbott laboratories. Company has presence is both OTC drugs and formulations.

Abbott India is one the top pharma company which has shown remarkable growth over the period of time.

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Pharmaceutical 29,747 310 10 13.14

 Page industries ltd

Page industries limited belongs to the textile sector and textile sector in India has shown stable growth over the period of time in India.

The company involves in manufacturing, distribution and marketing of innerwear, swimwear and sleepwear. Company is also exclusive license manufacturer jockey International Inc. (USA).

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Textiles 32,778 169.77 10 6.67


SRF limited company has a diversified portfolio. SRF has a presence in the manufacturing of chemical packing films and engineering plastics.

Company has large scale manufacturing base in India and it has 12 manufacturing plants across Indian states.

Sector Market cap (Rs. Cr.) EPS Face value Price/Book Value
Diversified 32,697 169.26 10 5.76


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