Top 10 mutual funds to start investing as low as Rs.100/month

When it comes to the initiation of investing your money, all of us want to invest our money in those options where we can earn stable and risk-free returns.

Mutual funds investment plans offer us a wide range of investment plans where everyone can invest their from high-risk tolerant investors to low risk tolerant conservative investors. Mutual funds have investment plans for almost everyone.

It is a common conception in everyone’s mind that if you want to become an investor or you want to invest your money to earn profits then you need a large amount of money.

Mutual funds have lower the bar and there is various mutual funds SIP (Systematic Investment Plans) where you can begin your investment as low as 100 Rupees/month.

If you are a student, millennial or belong to low income earning category than this SIP can be a good option for you to start your investments. You might be spending 100 rupees in buying some snacks in street or in college canteen but with the SIP you can earn a good amount of returns.

ICICI Prudential Blue Chip Fund

ICICI prudential blue-chip fund has put a lot of impact on the investment market. The fund was started back in the year 2008, in 2008 the Indian economy faced a major decline because of that this fund did not start as per expectations. After 2008 this fund keeps growing and reaching it all expected targets without showing any signs of weakness.

This fund belongs to a large-cap category and invests money in top 100 stocks of mutual funds markets based on their market cap. Majority of the funds are invested in the equity market but a small portion of about 5% is also invested in the debt market.

Category Large Cap
Benchmark Nifty 100 TRI
Launch Date 23-May-2008
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Assest Size Rs. 200,115 crores (2018)
Return Inception 13.60%

Reliance Small Cap Fund

Reliance small-cap fund has become a very popular mutual fund over the period of time. It was started in September 2010, in starting few years it performed quite flat on the graph but after 2013 it showed exceptional growth. This fund given impressive growth even was an entire small-cap index was declined.

The brilliant performance of this fund shows excellent management and its strategy which is perfectly working in favour of the scheme.

Reliance small cap fund invests a majority of funds in equity small cap instruments. This fund is the perfect option for investors with long term investment plans and investors who have high-risk tolerance appetite.

Category Small-Cap
Benchmark S&P BSE Small-Cap TRI
Launch Date Sep-2010
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Asset Size Rs. 7,461 crores (2018)
Return Inception 17%

Reliance Large Cap Fund

Reliance large-cap fund is considered to be one of the best and investment option to generate higher returns. The scheme follows a highly diverse pattern and invests funds in 45 stocks.

This fund is one the best option for those investors who can only invest a very small amount of money as a minimum monthly investment in SIP is just 100/month, even students and millennial can easily invest in this scheme.

Since scheme invests a majority of funds in large-cap stocks or blue-chip stocks which also make the best choice for investors with low-risk tolerance.

Category Large Cap
Benchmark S&P BSE Large Cap TRI
Launch Date Aug-2007
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Asset Size Rs. 11,740 crores (2018)
Return Inception 10%

ICIC Prudential Mid Cap Fund

ICICI prudential mid-cap fund was launched in October 2018 since that this fund has gained a lot of trust amongst investors. This fund becomes one of the top investment options in the mid-cap category because of its excellent performance.

It was the top-performing fund in the year 2018 under the mid-cap category. The fund has managed to generate good annual returns since it has been launched and the average annual return of this fund is about 17%.

Category Mid Cap
Benchmark Nifty Mid Cap 150 TRI
Launch Date Oct-2018
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Assest Size Rs. 1,577 crores (2018)
Return Inception 16.60%

ICICI Multi-Cap Fund

ICICI multi-cap fund is one the best pick for conservative investors or investors with low-risk appetite. Although the scheme is for conservative investors still it has been able to outperform other funds from the same benchmark and category in a matter of returns.

Currently, the scheme holds stocks of 68 companies which belong to large-cap category and companies which given stable growth over the period of time.

The scheme invests about 80% assets in these high reputed large-cap companies, rest of the assets are distributed in mid and small-cap sectors.

Fund managers of this scheme have diversified assets in the ratio to gain maximum returns at the lowest risk which make it a top choice for conservative investors.

Category Multi-Cap
Benchmark Nifty 100 TRI
Launch Date May-2008
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Asset Size Rs. 3,121 crores (2018)
Return Inception 14.60%

Nippon India Large Cap Fund Growth

This is great another fund which allows investors to begin their investments with just SIP investment Rupees 100/month. This fund invests the majority of the assets about 70% in large-cap companies and rests 30% is distributed amongst mid and small-cap categories.

Since this fund manages a diverse portfolio which invests money in all caps, diversification of assets makes this fund one the best option in risk to reward factor.

Category Large Cap
Benchmark S&P BSE 100 TRI
Launch Date Aug-2007
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Asset Size Rs. 10,298 crores
Return Inception 14.61%

IDFC Core Equity Fund – Growth

IDFC core equity is one the best pick for investors who can tolerate moderate-high risk. This is a multi-cap fund which invests assets amongst all three market caps, assets are distributed in the ratio to generate maximum profits at the lowest risks.

The scheme allows investing a minimum of 100 Rupees through SIP investment. This fund invests about 36.69% in large-cap, 38.94% in mid-cap and 15.8% in small-cap stocks. More than 98% of assets in this scheme are invested in the equity market.

Category Multi-Cap
Benchmark Nifty 50
Launch Date Aug-2005
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Asset Size Rs. 21,85.4 crores
Return Inception 12.37%

UTI Master share Unit Scheme – Growth

This is a mutual fund managed and offered from UTI mutual fund house and it is one the best investment option for investors who want to invest the majority of assets in large-cap category. Approx 75.19% assets in this scheme are invested in large-cap stocks which make this scheme perfect pick for conservative investors.

8.71% of assets are invested in mid-cap and an only a small portion of 3.15% is invested in the small-cap category. In large-cap scheme has its investments in HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Infosys, TCS, Axis Bank and L&T.

Category Large Cap
Benchmark S&P BSE 100 TRI
Launch Date Aug-2005
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Asset Size Rs. 7,007.54 crores
Return Inception 16.44%

ICICI Prudential Nifty Next 50 Index Fund

This is one of the top index fund offered by ICICI prudential mutual fund house. Since its launch from 2010, the fund has provided consistent annual average growth of about 10.21%.

If you were to invest about 1 lakh rupees in this fund than in the period of 5 years this fund can return you about rupees 1.49 lakhs.

More than 99% of funds are invested in the Indian stock market, out of that 66.47% of assets are invested in large-cap, 26.7% in mid-cap and only 5.27% in the small-cap category.

Category Index Fund
Benchmark NIFTY 50 TRI
Launch Date Jan-2013
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Asset Size Rs. 893.5 crores
Return Inception 12.83%

Nippon India Pharma Fund – Direct Plan

This is offered by Nippon India mutual fund house and this scheme is mainly focused on the pharmaceutical sector of the stock market. Fund has provided consistent growth over the period of time since it has been launched.

54.71% of assets are invested in large-cap companies and remaining is distributed amongst mid to small-cap companies. This fund is suitable for investors who can bear moderate to high risk.

Category Sectoral/Thematic
Benchmark S&P BSE Healthcare TRI
Launch Date Jan-2013
Minimum SIP 100 Rupees
Asset Size Rs. 4,150.97 crores
Return Inception 18.46%


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